How to Choose a Power of Attorney

13 Apr

When the time comes to put together your will there are a couple of designations you will need to make. If you have children you will need to name a guardian for them. You will also need to designate a power of attorney and a medical power of attorney. When choosing the power of attorney you need to find someone you trust, who knows you, and who is either your age or younger than you.


Trust is a very important factor when choosing your power of attorney prior to estate litigation. You need to be able to trust that the person you choose will make decisions based on your wishes if and when the time comes to do so. You must also trust that they will understand the wishes outlined in your will and how to go about executing them.


You will want to pick someone who is educated. This is not a knock on anyone in your life who isn’t, but this is a very important job to undertake. The person must be knowledgeable and understand different aspects of life. They must also be able to hold conversations with doctors, lawyers, psychologists, economists and many other professionals who could be involved with your will and estate.

Age Range

Don’t pick someone who is older than you to be your power of attorney. If they precede you in death you will only need to go through this process a second time with a Los Angeles law firm. This means you need to pick a power of attorney who is either the same age as you or a little bit younger. It can be your spouse. It can be a sibling or a cousin. You can even name alternates in the event that the person you choose precedes you in death.

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